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I Being the Creator of ‘Rhythm Queeen’ hereby welcome you to Get an amazing new experince of how Music Hits you with happiness ,  pain , sorrow  Motivation and several other theories ,

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About the Site

Rhythm Queeen as you might got an idea by the name that what is the site all about ! Music yes , how deep you can go into music and what music is all about its creation , production , How music adds values in our life , its relations with our thoughts , its importance , every thing you are gonna get here.

Myself Nikita sharma , am a student of psychology and a professional music artist , born n brought up in uttrakhand , currently living in Noida ! Music is something which gives peace to my life and i enjoy it doing 24*7 , am a self taught artist and a freelancer too , and now creating this blog to examine more about music and connect with you all so that you can explore more facts about it .

In this site you are gonna get several platforms to learn n grow into music , various projects for collaborations ,
Moto is to find uniqueness into music by the creative ideas and content , also to provide reach and easy platform for music aspirants.
If i conclude in a single line that what music actually is that,

The untold words of life are felt by music -Nikita Sharma